The Ottawa Charter

What is the Charter?

Watch the brief video introductions:

  • The Ottawa Charter
  • Go to the WHO website and have read what each area of the Ottawa Charter is about.  I recommend you copy some notes into you OneNote Notebook, or wherever your group is keeping its notes for the assignment.

    If you are using this model as a guide to best practice in Health Promotion, your campaign will need to address all areas and your justification will have to explain how it does: ie.  The better a campaign covers these areas, the more effective it is believed to be.

    Look at the programs/clips below and identify (LIST) what areas of the Ottawa Charter they target/use:

    1. Levels
    2. Blood Oath
    3. Quit
    4. VicHealth – Obesity

    If you are not clear about the 5 areas: B.C.S.D.R – ask your teacher or peers to help explain.

    Open the attached Ottawa Charter Mind Map: Ottawa Charter diagram

    a) Complete the descriptions in your own words.

    b) Brain Storm ideas for your campaign with your group.

    Save your diagram with your group notes.

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